Before Mei-Kuei Feu devote her energies to images produced by the capture of light, her practice in painting (at the University in Taiwan) allowed her to discover her interest in patterns transformed by time and humidity such as mold. They have a dull appearance and simultaneously are full of vitality. After so many years, she found those qualities in her latest project breath, a kind of "empty" yet that is not "nothing."

She works in photographic and moving image since 1996. Her artistic exploration discusses the complicity between the uncertainty of memory and the likelihood images. She is interested in creating images that invite to live in. Through the installation, she examines the relationship of the human body and its environment, including the place of daily passage. By layering and juxtaposing she combines them with various materials and architectural condition to create a place evoking the resurrection of an obscure memory.

To amalgamate the memory and place, she introduced non-performative actions in her practice. These sensitive, fragile and persistent memories drawn from her childhood, contribute to recreate a vulnerable and polymorphic being.

Her works often reveal a universe of defective, negative, fuzzy, foggy, dark and evanescent items that make the hidden side of the ideal world. These elements draw an indeterminate zone dedicated to the imagination. They point to a transition state between light and darkness, between the emergence and evanescence that raise the possibility of alternation and change.